Issues With @font-face Not Working On A .NET Application

I’ve just started using @font-face on some web Free Web Fonts development applications and I love it. I use Font Squirrel to generate my CSS & @font-face declaration and have been impressed with how easy it is to use and how it seems to work very well across browsers.

Recently I was developing a C# .NET Application that used @font-face for some design elements. What I came to find was that when deploying the application I ran into issues where the font was not displaying in both Interne Explorer and Firefox but was working fine in Chrome.

After trying different methods to get it to work I accessed my Windows server to find the issue. To my surprise, when publishing the .NET application all of my font files were not being uploaded to the server except for the SVG versions.

As a fix I physically put the other font files on my web server and after that all worked smashingly.

So, as a tip, if you’re having issues do this as a method to troubleshoot issues with @font-face fonts.